Introducing our new design hub

We design slow & thoughtful for a positive impact.

We are Solios by design.

We've always had the drive and ambition to make a positive impact, but we quickly realized it takes time to make a difference. 

We’re not here to take shortcuts, we’re here to disrupt an industry and change mentalities. To do so, we need more time to design properly. Questions must be asked, hard decisions must be taken, processes must be created, and no compromise must be taken. We look at the problem, elaborate the perfect solution, and create it if it doesn’t exist.

What makes it a Solios

Is it innovative by design?

We aren't talking about reinventing the wheel.All we want is a good-looking, durable and accessible timepiece. No more battery replacement, no more dead watches. We made solar look good.

Is it Sustainable by design?

Greenwashing? Not under Solios’ watch. Our goal is simple: Finding the most sustainable materials to reduce our impact without compromising on style.

Is it captivating by design?

A perfect blend of minimalism and elegance, to make sure your watch adorns your wrist for years to come.

Then it's a Solios by design

As we consider you, our community, a stakeholder, we want to give you full transparency and access to our design process.

Have a design request?

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