Without Compromise

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Without Compromise

Powered by solios

From the moment Solios was created, we vowed to never compromise between innovation, elegance and sustainability. Our goal was simple: to prove that it is possible to create a sustainable accessory with an impeccable design. This aim hasn’t changed since the beginning.

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Recycled Stainless Steel

The issue

Continuous improvement.

The process

NOT a walk in the park

The solution

How to they fraud.

We got ours, and it’s certified

It is very hard to ensure you are getting real recycled stainless steel unless you certify it. After its sourcing certification, our metal was sent to laboratories where its quality could be validated.

That’s how a process we thought would take 4 months to complete turned into a year and half of head scratching!

Curious about our Solar Powered Movement?

Curious about our Solar Powered Movement?

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Always looking at the bigger picture of sustainability.

Coloration has a footprint

Eco colloration

What you don't know might hurt the planet

No single use plastic.

Forget about a traditional watch pillow

Put a cork in it.

Other things we're proud of

1 Watch = a Acre of Rainforest

Discover how

B Corp, a first in the industry

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