A story Without compromise

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A story Without compromise

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"We believe big changes start with small actions that don’t compromise one’s lifestyle and habits."

It all started with a simple, yet ambitious vision.

A no-compromise approach

A bright idea doesn't happen overnight. Ours took years of discovery and ambition. Here's our story...

  • It all started in Montreal.

    Sam and Alex, two Montreal-born university friends, decide one night to watch Before the Flood, a documentary on climate change. This is a life changer: entrepreneurs at heart, they realize they need to create a business that would have a positive impact on the world and challenge our current life habits. The right idea was the missing piece.
  • Hello Greece

    The light bulb moment. Somewhere between Paros and Ios, our founders notice how minimalistic fashion is the go-to trend. Being watch fanatics since their young age, a product idea then emerges under the bright Greek sun: a statement accessory that would combine minimalism, sustainability, and solar technology.
  • Researching materials

    In the heart of trendy Brooklyn, Alex and Sam discover a unique material that wasn’t really used in fashion; silicone-based leather. This fabric was revolutionary: unlike vegan leathers that were commonly utilized in the fashion industry at the time, this material was truly eco-friendly.
  • The Solar technology

    Because they want the best for their watches, our founders fly all the way to Japan, where the first quartz timepiece was created. Surrounded by experts in the field, they discover how solar technology works and how it can be applied to a watch. They leave the country elated: after all, they now had all the necessary pieces to start creating and manufacturing Solios watches.
  • Meeting new experts

    A few months later, after realizing how complex their idea was, Alex and Sam go to their first trade show, where they meet partners from all around the world. Their new network gets them excited: these experts could help them build solutions to turn their idea into a reality.
  • Kickstarting

    Two years after watching the documentary that changed their lives, our founders launch a Kickstarter campaign in Montreal in front of 550 guests. Their innovative concept is applauded and massively supported by their peers: in one night only, they get three times the campaign’s targeted amount - without any marketing investment.

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